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Electronic Auction of Cardamom (e-Auction)

Last updated on 08-09-2016, 10:28

e-Auction Centres of Cardamom
E-auction of cardamom plays a key role in the primary sale of the small cardamom in India under the provisions of the Cardamom (Licensing & Marketing Rules 1987 (Framed in accordance with Spices Board Act 1986). In order to bring the transparency and functional convenience in trading operations of cardamom, Spices Board had introduced ”E-auction” facility at auction centres in Bodinayakanur , Tamilnadu and Puttady, Kerala in 2007, replacing the traditional outcry system.

Spices Board has upgraded the e-auction system to Cloud based live E-auction in 2021 to conduct e-auction of Cardamom (small) simultaneously from auction centres in Bodinayakanur and Puttady. In the new cloud based system, licensed dealers can take part in the cardamom auctions from any one of the auction centres of the Board. The dealers have to log into the system with the user id and password to participate in an Auction and bid the cardamom. The Main display Board in the auction centres shows lot no, quantity, number of bags current highest bid etc of each lot kept in the Auction. The highest bidder’s name will be displayed on the Auction Masters’ terminal.

The Present e-auction system has brought transparency in the auction process and running successfully in both the e-auction centres.

Address of Common e-Auction centres:
Spices Board
Puttady, Idukki- 685551
Phone: 04868-288371

Spices Board
Kurangani road,
Bodinayikanur, Theni –625513
Phone:04546 281397