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ICRI has full-fledged research laboratories and field blocks for carrying out various basic and applied research programmes and adaptive trialson Crop improvement, Agronomy & Soil Science at its main station and RRSs.A full-fledged Biotechnology laboratory functions at HO, Kochi. Soil testing laboratories are present in the main and regionalcentres for undertaking analytical services and for providing fertilizer recommendations to planters.The institute also has facility for Crop Protection research and to detect various pest and disease problems and to recommend suitable control measures. It has the infrastructurefor large scale production of Bio-agents for supplying to needy farmers.The ICRI has a weather station attached to the Agronomydivision for regularly recording information on meteorological conditions.


1. A farm with an area of approx. 64 ha is attached to the main institute at Myladumpara out of which 25 ha is the cultivated area.

2. The farm is utilized for undertaking various field trials, for commercial production and as demonstrations plots.

3. Assist the Scientists to lay out experimental plots

4. Headed by a Farm Manager, supported by Agriculture Demonstrators, Junior Clerk and Mechanic-cum-Electrician.

5. About 56 labourers including 39 permanent and 17 temporary workers are employed to carry out various agricultural operations.

6. Farm facility is available at all regional stations for commercial cultivation as well as laying out field experiments.

7. Assist in generating revenue by increasing farm productivity


Statistics & Computer

ICRI has a full-fledged Statistics & Computer Division that provides

1. Appropriate statistical designs for experimental layoutat all Research Centres

2. Assistance to Scientists in documentation, statistical analysis and interpretation of research data.

3. Periodic training for Scientists on designing field experiments and on statistical tools and computer applications.

4. Assistance in compilation and preparation of periodic reports and conduct of Annual Research Review.

5. Technical know-how on new statistical software and computerized analysis for research


Library and documentation centre

ICRI has a well-established library which maintains

1. Acommendable collection of books around 5000 in number including periodicals and documents on cardamom and related spices.

2. Newspaper subscription in three languages.

3. A computerized cataloguing facility, for streamlining and maintaining Scientific Journals, Periodicals, Books and Publications.

4. Information dissemination related to spices to scientists, farmers, academicians and students alike.

5. Newspaper clippings service on spices & condiments and current titles regularly.


The Administration Department supports the institution for achieving the set objectives and functions with utmost efficiency.

1. Headed by an Officer of the rank of Assistant Director and supported by other administrative staff members.

2. Assist in the financial management and auditing.

3. Act as a facilitator for day-to-day running of the Institute including Farm.