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Spices Park - Puttady, Kerala

Last updated on 19-01-2015, 13:32

The Spice Park at Puttady is meant for Cardamom (Small) and Pepper. The Park is developed in an area of 10 Acres of land at Puttady in Idukki District of Kerala. The location of the Spice Park is in the Kumily - Kattapana State Highway, which is around 16 Km from Kumily and 12 Km from Kattappana. In addition to the basic infrastructures facilities developed like internal Road, Drainage, Water supply, Power Station, Common Generator for power backup, rain water harvesting, Weighing Bridge etc the following facilities were established in the Park.


Spices Park - Puttady, Kerala


Common Infrastructure & Resource

  • Land Area – 10 acres
  • Network of wide Roads
  • Uninterrupted Power & Water System
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Drainage Network
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Weighing Bridge
  • Warehousing facility
  • Cold Storage (Puf Godown)
  • Restaurant & Guest House
  • E-Auction Centre

Other facilities

  • Bank Counter: Union Bank of India has set up a full fledged banking facility along with a 24 hour ATM service in the Spice Park campus.
  • Business center: Board has set up a business centre for carrying out meeting in relation to the activities related to Spices Park
  • Administrative Block: Board has set up a 2 storied administrative building of area 1200 square meter. The ground floor of the block is of 620 square meters. The administrative Office and the Zonal Office of the Board is functioning in this block. Besides, there are 12 rooms are available for functioning as the offices of registered Auctioneers & Dealers of Cardamom and for other stake holders
  • Sales Counter: An office cum sales counter of M/s FSTL will be functioning in the spice park in the two storied Building of area 500 square meters.
  • Restaurant: Board has set up a 2 storied full fledged restaurant of 460 square meters within the park. All modern amenities are available in the Canteen
  • Guest House: A Guest House, which is a 3 storied building of area 577 sq. meters has established in the park with full fledged accommodation facilities of 6 bed rooms, dining hall and kitchen facilities.
  • Power Station: Board has established a power station with 630 KVA transformer and 250 KVA D.G. sets. In addition to this 150 KWA D.G set is also established exclusively for E-auction center. All the street light established in the park is under the Solar Power system
  • Fire Fighting System: Board has established fire fighting systems at the Spice Park, Puttady for ensuring safety.

E-Auction centre

Board has established a full-fledged Electronic Auction centre for cardamom in the first floor of the Administrative building. The Hall is of 600 square meter areas. The E-Auction system has a higher end server with 60 bidder terminals, which can be extended to 100 bidder terminals.


Spices Park - Puttady, Kerala


Ware Housing Facilities

Established 5 numbers of Warehouses in the Spices Park for storing of both the raw materials and finished products of Cardamom & Pepper. The details of the warehouses available are as follows

  • Raw Material Gowdown: One raw material Gowdown each for Cardamom and Black pepper having area of 804 and 600 sq. meters respectively.
  • Finished Gowdown: One finished product Gowdown each for Cardamom & Black pepper and both having an area of area 600. Sq.Meters each
  • Puf Gowdown: One puff Gowdown for Cardamom which is of area 583 sq. Meters is also established in the Park.

Processing facilities for Cardamom

Board has installed a Cardamom Processing plant of capacity 2 Tons per hour. The facilities include pre-cleaning, grading, sorting, weighing and packing of dried whole Cardamom. The processing line includes facility for grading of Cardamom based on its size and further sorted out based on colour with the help of colour sensors. The packing facility included in the processing line provide both bulk and consumer pack of 25 gm, 50gm & 100 gm

Processing facilities for Black pepper

Board has established a processing plant of Black pepper. The capacity of the plant for pre cleaning facilities is 24 Tons per day. The dried Black Pepper is cleaned through aspiration, gravity separation, magnetic separation and vaccum de-stoner mechanisms. The cleaned Black Pepper can be graded based its size. The processing facility of the plant includes cracking and grinding of Black Pepper with a capacity of 500 kg per Hour. Apart from these facilities separate packaging facilities for whole pepper, ground pepper and cracked pepper were also established. The packing facility included in the processing line provide both bulk and consumer pack of 25 gm, 50gm & 100 gm

White Pepper Production

A full-fledged white pepper production unit will be established in the Spices Park with a production capacity of 1 Ton per day. The technology for the production of White Pepper is developed by the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology

Sterilization Unit

Board has established a sterilization facility with a capacity of 250 Kg per hour in batch process

Drying Yard

It is proposed to develop a concrete drying yard with an area of 3000 sq. met

General facilities available

  • Weighing Bridge: Board has installed a fully computerized Pit Type Weighbridge of 50 T capacity.
  • Fork Lift: For transportation of materials from building to building inside the Park, Board has installed a GODREJ Diesel Forklift Truck model GX 200 D of 2T capacity at 500 mm load center, fitted with Diesel Engine of 56HP @ 2300 rpm, with Automatic Torque
  • Pallet Truck : For transportation of materials within the Godown, Board has installed 5 pallet trucks of Capacity 2.5 T
  • Plastic Pallets: For stacking of cardamom/pepper bags in godowns, Board has purchased about 200 plastic pallets

Spices Park - Puttady, Kerala