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Major Itemwise Export

Last updated on 15-06-2017, 14:16

Review of Export performance of Spices during 2016-17

Indian spices exports have been able to record strident gains in volume and value. Spices exports have registered substantial growth  during the last five years, registering an compound annual average growth rate of 10% in rupee terms and 5% dollar terms  of value and India commands a formidable position in the World Spice Trade.
During 2016-17, a total of 9,47,790 tons of spices and spice products valued Rs.17664.61 crore (US$2633.30 Million) has been exported from the country as against 8,43,255 tons valued Rs.16238.23 crore (US$ 2482.83 Million) in 2015-16 registering an increase of 12% in volume, 9% in rupee terms and 6% in dollar terms of value..

As compared to the total export target of spices fixed for the period 2016-17, the total export of Spices has exceeded the target in terms of both volume and value. Compared to the target of 8,70,000 tons valued Rs.15725.12 crore (US$2419.25million) for the financial year 2016-17 the achievement is 109% in terms of volume and 112% in rupee and 109% dollar terms of value.

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